The "SHOR" Party expands its activity, forming Territorial Organizations both in the Capital and in the districts of the Republic of Moldova.

The branches of the "SHOR" Party are not only a political representation, but also a multifunctional center for analyzing the social-political situation in the country's districts, monitoring the life of the population, as well as monitoring the policies of local authorities. The information gathered will enable the party team to draw up action plans and propose projects to improve the social and economic situation in Moldova's cities and villages.

Also, in the offices of the "SHOR" Party, citizens can learn in detail about the party's achievements, program and statute, its priorities and visions for the short and medium term, about the undergoing social projects and those to be implemented.

Also here, energetic people, full of desire to contribute to raising the standard of living in their locality and country, who want to make a different kind of politics - for ordinary people and not against them, can apply to join the "SHOR" Party. At present, this is the only political party in Moldova that promises and makes, which main objective is to enter the political arena of the country to change people's lives for the better, to turn the Republic of Moldova into a state of well-being for all.