Address of the Chairman

 Who, if not us?! 

Dear fellow citizens!

Dear friends! 

Dozens of political parties and movements are active in our small republic. Each of us has the right to ask: does our country need another party named after its leader? How could it attract voters? Why should Moldovan citizens decide to vote for this party in the next parliamentary elections?

I and my team provide answers to these questions daily - through our work, through our attitude towards people, their problems and their needs. While some call for the West and others for the East, and at the same time are on the barricades to defend the Western or Eastern vector, we work. We work to make people's lives better, more comfortable, and more decent, as much, as we can. 

I am sure that a poor, hungry, deprived of its rights country as Moldova is not needed either in the West or in the East. At best, it can be used as a bargaining chip in the geopolitical games of world powers. I wonder, is this worthy of an independent and sovereign status of a state?

Nobody will solve our problems for us - not Moscow, not Brussels, not even Washington. We have to do it ourselves, with our own hands, with our own minds. I'm sure that's what Moscow, Brussels and Washington expect of us: not to complain, not to beg, not to be a headache for someone else and a source of regional instability, but to roll up our sleeves and get to work. This is exactly what the "SHOR" Party does, without being in power, being represented neither in Parliament nor in government: it works, it tries to solve the most pressing problems of the most disadvantaged citizens, to gather people around the idea of building, around our common dream of a prosperous Moldova. 

The city of Orhei, where citizens have entrusted power to me and my team, is Moldova in miniature. The same problems are everywhere: abject poverty, unemployment, disorder, corruption, mass exodus of the population. But after no more than two years, it has become clear: all these negative phenomena can be successfully combated. It just needs to be fought seriously. 

It has proved possible, in various ways, to support the elderly and children; to tidy up and improve the surrounding area; to reduce crime levels; to attract investment and provide jobs for citizens; to increase wages and social payments; to reduce charges for communal services; to take, regardless of resistance, state assets from negligent private owners and put them to work for the benefit of society; to make decisions, consulting people, involving them in the management process; to provide occupation for children and young people; to develop culture. Everything is possible, only the desire is needed, or as they say - political will. My colleagues and I have it. 

In a way, the positive changes we have managed to achieve in Orhei, in a short period of time, are a social experiment. But, I stress, a successful one. And if we succeeded in one city, we will succeed in the whole country. 

That's why I decided to do politics at national level. That is why I became the leader of a political party, whose branches will soon be active in all the localities of Moldova. And this is the reason why we are starting to expand successful social projects in Orhei all over the country. Today, the "SHOR" Party is dealing with what the political class of the Republic of Moldova should have dealt with during the 25 years of independence. It should have, but did not. And therein lies the difference. 

For me, politics is not about scheming in the corridors, endlessly deceiving, slipping through a sieve, squeezing out unsustainable concepts, but about being able to offer specific assistance to certain people. That's how my father taught me, these are my life habits. 

I am sure, the more decent the life of citizens, the stronger the state will be. We go to the people, we talk to them, we help them, we change their lives for the better, we give them hope and faith in the future. For me and my party team, the people, the ordinary citizens of the Republic of Moldova are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Inspiration to live, to fight, to win. For the people and in the name of the people! It means for Moldova and in the name of Moldova!