The "SHOR" Party will boycott today's session of Parliament! Ilan Shor: PAS has turned legislative sessions into party meetings

PAS has turned Parliament sessions into party meetings and the parliamentary majority continues to mock the opposition. The leader of the "SHOR" Party, Ilan Shor, added that his party's faction will not attend today's parliamentary session in protest. According to him, the draft amendments to the state budget are to be discussed today, but the draft decisions were submitted only yesterday, one day before the debate. 

„This meeting will be a party meeting, as was the case with the vote on the state budget for this year, where only the proposals of the PAS majority will be voted on. Moreover, it is not normal and professional for MPs from other factions to find out about budget changes the night before they are put to the vote. PAS's dictatorial tendencies are increasingly evident. PAS spits on the principle of representativeness and, regardless of the legal rules, rejects any proposal from the opposition. We are sure that just as happened in December, this will happen now. They have already demonstrated once again that the way they have chosen to distribute public money is a real mockery of the citizens”, stated Ilan Shor. 

The leader of the "SHOR" Party added that the MPs of the party he represents presented dozens of amendments during the vote on the state budget for 2022, but none of them was even examined in the session, being rejected from the start by PAS.

„ We have proposed the implementation of the "Maternal Capital" programme to support young families at national level, which is working well in Orhei and has helped to increase the birth rate. We have also asked for a one-off aid of 10,000 lei for citizens. We proposed increasing salaries and pensions, and we also came up with solutions as to where the money for all this could be taken from, but, ostentatiously, all the proposals and amendments were rejected, one by one, without even being debated. The same happened with the proposals of the other opposition members. Is it in the EU, where PAS talks tall that they will take us, that the opposition is still ignored and mocked to this extent? No, of course not. That is why I do not think it is worth playing along with them and being part of this farce and we would like to inform you, dear friends, that we will boycott today's session of Parliament in protest. The people do not even have enough money to survive, but Parliament is meeting in extraordinary session and no decision is being taken in favour of the citizens.  Even so, we will keep an eye on these impostors and we will react whenever necessary. We are sure that they do not have much left to mock the people and all the harm they have done will be returned to them in full”, added Ilan Shor.