People of Moldova demand release of Marina Tauber and resignation of Maia Sandu

People of Moldova demand release of Marina Tauber and resignation of Maia Sandu

We are the people! Marina, we're with you! Marina, political prisoner! Free Marina Tauber, down with Maia Sandu! These are some of the slogans chanted today, at the Presidency, during a protest organized by members and sympathizers of the "SHOR" Party against the abuses against the party. Thousands of demonstrators, who came from the north, centre and south of the country, also demanded the release of MP Marina Tauber, who has been held for a month in Chisinau's Penitentiary No. 13.

The Chisinau Court of Appeal met on Tuesday, August 23, in a new hearing, during which the appeal of Marina Tauber's lawyers is being examined, after the Ciocana District Court decided that the "SHOR" Party MPshould remain in the Penitentiary No. 13 for another 20 days. This is despite, say the lawyers, there are no legal arguments and no other reason why Marina Tauber should stay behind bars. In addition, Tauber has never fled from justice and has cooperated with the investigation.

In this context, Dinu Turcanu, chairman of Orhei district, said that the people of Moldova want early parliamentary and presidential elections, they no longer trust the current government, which is why the current representatives of power must leave as soon as possible. 

„Maia Sandu does not represent the people of Moldova. It is a mistake that the people have made and it will be repaired shortly. Down with Maia Sandu! Maia Sandu is on a visit abroad, we recommend her to take the first flight home, because the end of the summer will be hotter than the temperature outside, and autumn will be the last for the current leadership of the Republic of Moldova. What is currently happening with Marina Tauber is the answer to the question: who will take the place of PAS and Maia Sandu? The "SHOR" Party, led by Ilan Shor and Marina Tauber, will assume the future of the country. We are the hope of our country. We have shown that we are capable of managing public affairs. Citizens from south to north trust us”, declared Dinu Turcanu.

"SHOR" Party MPs claim that Marina Tauber is a political prisoner and is kept behind bars because Maia Sandu is afraid of the fact that the people increasingly trust Marina Tauber and the "SHOR" Party. 

„ I came today to the workplace of a man who promised to be the president of us all. But, as with all his other promises, he broke this one. Maia Sandu is today only the president of those who are loyal to PAS. I declare with full responsibility that Marina Tauber is a political prisoner, because there are no legal arguments to justify her detention in Penitentiary No. 13. So far, she has never been interrogated, even though she has been in solitary confinement for more than 30 days. What kind of law is this?! I want to remind the honest people who are left in the institutions of law that they are obliged to defend the rights of citizens and observe the law. Today, however, we are seeing tailor-made cases brought exclusively against the opposition. This can be explained by the fact that a politician is afraid of the fact that the people have more and more confidence in Marina Tauber and the "SHOR" Party," said Vadim Fotescu, MP.  

„ Marina Tauber is behind bars for telling the truth. She is a political prisoner. We demand the release of Marina Tauber!”, said Reghina Apostolova. 

Orhei Mayor Pavel Verejanu also accuses the government of persecuting the opposition.

„We are here to say "No" to this government. Maia Sandu is personally giving indications for the co-optation and usurpation of the people of the Republic of Moldova. After 30 years of independence, we see that our state is captured. Maia Sandu's servant is executing political orders and persecuting the representatives of the 'SHOR' party. In spite of everything, we are moving forward and will work for the people. Moldova has a chance to develop, and the "SHOR" Party team knows how to do it, without loans and without credits”, stated Pavel Verejanu.

The protest at the Presidency was also attended by Communist MPs, who expressed their support and solidarity with Marina Tauber.

„ In the last year, since PAS came to power, the life of Moldovan citizens has worsened. Maia Sandu is mainly responsible. She and her party cannot present anything good to the people, which is why they are putting pressure on the opposition, including Marina Tauber. Down with Maia Sandu! Early elections!”, chanted Diana Caraman. 

„ The fact that we are here shows, once again, how united, strong and eager we are to make a real difference in this country. We don't want to run away from home. Seeing that the "SHOR" Party, led by Ilan Shor and Marina Tauber, is telling the truth, they are trying to shut us up. This shows how weak they really are and that they are liars and villains", said the Chairman of Floresti Territorial Organization of the "SHOR" Party, Roman Nicoara.

The chairman of the "SHOR" Party, Ilan Shor, also had a message for the crowd gathered at the Presidency. He assured that he will fight to the end to liberate Moldova from the anti-people power.   

„This rotten, cowardly and incompetent government has brought the country to the brink of collapse. Maia Sandu, they put an absolutely innocent person in jail. A young woman, who spoke only the truth. A young woman who travelled the length and breadth of the country and solved people's problems. PAS and Maia are like hepatitis for Moldovan politics and we must treat Moldova of this disease. PAS is like a yellow curse for our country. PAS promised good times and good people, but they brought the worst times and the most wicked and miserable people. We have a message for them: either leave willingly or the people will pull them out of their comfortable armchairs by their ears. We will fight for people to have a better life. We will free Moldova from this yellow plague”, stated Ilan Shor.