Ilan Shor: The imprisonment of Marina Tauber means political repression

Ilan Shor: The imprisonment of Marina Tauber means political repression

The leader of the "SHOR" party, Ilan Shor, has come out with a harsh reaction after the Court of Appeal rejected the appeal of the lawyers regarding the release of Marina Tauber from prison. In a video on Facebook, he says there is no evidence to justify this measure and that PAS actions are typical of dictatorial political regimes. 

„In any civilized and democratic country there is opposition. Its role is to tell the people the truth about what power is doing. The opposition is meant and obliged to defend the interest of the people and not to allow power to cross red lines. What is happening today in Moldova is beyond the bounds of any totalitarian regime. Watch what is happening, the whole opposition is being persecuted. Almost all the members of the parliamentary opposition have criminal records”, said Ilan Shor.

According to him, the current government has brought the people to the poverty line, prices have risen several times, people are in danger of starving and freezing to death, but the government has no other concern than to rage against those who oppose it. 

„The trial of Marina Tauber, which I watched today, is not even a mockery of justice, it's much worse. The lawyers, who presented undeniable evidence confirming the absurdity of the charges and the innocence of Marina Tauber, were simply shocked. She is accused of paying Filip Kirkorov a fee. Filip Kirkorov says with his own mouth that nobody paid him anything. But he wasn't even allowed access to Moldova to say this to the investigators. The manager who organized the concert made it clear that no one paid him, and all this evidence was presented in court. But the judges ignored it”, stated the MP.

Ilan Shor claims that the judges did nothing but carry out the order of Dorel Musteata, chairman of the SCM. 

„Musteata, judges and the whole bunch of no-good people in power, I want to tell you this: you have already seen how some of you have already put yourselves in jail. You are all nobodies and have no right to decide people's destinies. And you understand very well that what you are doing will not go unnoticed. Today you are measuring your powers not against us, but against the people, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. Because today you are trampling on their vote, their right to defense, their position, because you, scoundrels, do not share these values”, stated Ilan Shor. 

He also came up with a rebuke to foreign diplomats and civic activists for not taking action in this case. 

„ This is not about Marina Tauber and the "SHOR" Party. The problem is that today anyone who tries to oppose these scoundrels risk being wrongly convicted. Any normal person would be ashamed to put Marina in jail, but they are not people, not even animals, they are something much worse. Why the diplomatic missions are silent is clear - their favorite, Maia Sandu, is in power and they don't care about anything else. Even if some diplomats, especially men, manifested a very warm attitude towards Marina Tauber. But let it be on their conscience. But where are our activists, who stood up for justice and truth? Why have you buried your heads in the sand?”, questions the politician. 

In his opinion, Moldova today has the cruelest and most ruthless regime in relation to the people since independence, and there is no other solution than its removal from power.