Ilan Shor: Maia Sandu's fellows begin to flee the country

Ilan Shor: Maia Sandu's fellows begin to flee the country

They smelled smoke, and now they're fleeing. This is how Ilan Shor described the latest resignations from the Government and the Presidency. He believes that we are witnessing an escape of Maia Sandu's people. "They have sucked as much as they can, and when they smell smoke, they fled, like rats on a ship that a crazy politician wants to burn down", explains Ilan Shor.

He reminded that he warned people about this scenario months ago.

"I warned that while people will be impoverished, the jackals in Maia Sandu's yard will get rich and, when there is nothing left to steal, they will flee abroad, where everyone has their place prepared in advance. Their mission here is to bring the country to its knees, to destroy it and its people. Now the first rats have packed their bags and are leaving. Others will soon follow, more and more, because their end is near, they feel it with the fifth nerve point", Ilan Shor said.

In his opinion, as bad as things are in the country, the government has shown that it can make it worse.

"More and more people in particular, who have been supporting the "good times" myth, are openly complaining on social media about exorbitant bills and unbearable living and business conditions. Hundreds of companies have closed down or relocated. The news about the Transnistrian conflict is even more worrying, and there is only one step left before bloodshed", Ilan Shor warned.