Ilan Shor: 10-billion-euro investment plan is the only chance to get the country out of the crisis

Ilan Shor: 10-billion-euro investment plan is the only chance to get the country out of the crisis

No fight against corruption will improve people's living standards. The 10 billion euro investment plan announced by Ilan Shor is the only way to get Moldova out of its severe crisis. The statement was made today by the chairman of the "SHOR" party, Ilan Shor, at a press conference. He explained that the fight against corruption, justice reform and other political goals cannot be achieved in a poor country where people do not know if they will survive.

"We need today the 10 billion euro investment we announced on Wednesday. The core issue is getting people out of poverty. The only way to achieve this is to provide them with money, to give them compensation, a one-off allowance, to increase their wages and pensions. For the state to manage the situation, direct investment is also needed. That is why we have been looking for investors and, after we got their willingness to bring the money under these conditions, we announced this plan," said Ilan Shor.

He said that talks about the bright future, about the big brother who will help the Republic of Moldova, are empty words, and the myth of good times is gone, like the myth about good people.

"That's why I took the decision to help the people, to take over as Prime Minister. Fighting corruption in poverty is a myth. Talk of justice reform while justice is captured is also a myth. That's why I advocate for the people's tribunal. Saving the people can only happen by implementing my plan. I know that my announcement provoked heated discussions and I know that most people support this offer," said Ilan Shor.

He explained that the investors who are ready to bring money to our country are top international business managers, who are interested in stability and prosperity in Moldova.

"The investments will be in businesses that will provide tens of thousands of jobs. They are interested in critical infrastructure, what Moldova needs today. They are interested in stability in the country, a high standard of living, so that they can recover their investments in, at most, six years. It is a win-win deal for both investors and the people," Ilan Shor said.

The opposition leader reminded that President Maia Sandu has one week to give a response to the proposal he launched on Wednesday.

"In a few days or weeks, the money will come in and the implementation of the plan will begin. I have given Maia Sandu a week. Otherwise, the people will have the right to force her to do so, through street protests," Ilan Shor noted.