DECLARATION. "SHOR" Party condemns the new wave of reprisals and intimidation against its members and supporters

The "SHOR" Party condemns the new wave of reprisals and intimidation against its members and supporters, just one day before the peaceful rally scheduled by "Mișcarea Pentru Popor" in front of the Parliament to demand the government to pay in full the bills for the winter months. The Sandu-PAS regime's animalistic fear of its own people, brought to the brink of poverty, makes them use all the instruments of the police state against peaceful citizens. This morning, new massive raids began on our activists in all localities.

As we warned on Friday, the regime has resorted to blackmail, threats, detentions, to scare people into not taking to the streets on Sunday to demand full payment of their bills. We also expect provocations invented by the sick minds of those in government, who want to prevent a peaceful demonstration at any cost.

Instead of solving people's problems, the Sandu-PAS regime is multiplying them, sowing fear and despair in Moldova. We will resist and even become more steadfast in our fight for the interests of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, for the interests of our country.

We call on all opposition political parties and civil society to take a stand and strongly condemn the unprecedented intimidation of those who are critical of the country's leadership. The regime is already destroying every element of the rule of law in Moldova.

We repeatedly call on the regime to put an end to abuses and lawlessness, to respect the constitutional right of citizens to express their opinion. We reiterate the invitation to foreign ambassadors accredited to Chisinau to take a stand against the violation of the right to free assembly and political pluralism. We personally invite them to be present at the peaceful rally of "Mișcarea Pentru Popor" on Sunday, in order to be convinced of its peaceful nature.

Esteemed Colleagues, dear citizens, we invite you tomorrow, on Sunday to the peaceful action of “Miscarea Pentru Popor”, at 13:00 in front of the Parliament.