The "SHOR" Party is a political organization, which unites ambitious and talented people, who have set themselves the noble goal of achieving real change for the better for Moldova. Despite its impressive history, today the "SHOR" Party is a renewed political force, which is rapidly developing and consolidating. The party, which has achieved visible successes on the political arena in recent years, is undergoing a renaissance and is becoming one of the most popular, visible and hopefully most influential parties in the country. Already this year, we will develop the network of our territorial organizations throughout the country, we will open offices in all districts and cities of Moldova. This process is uninterrupted: every day, we are signing up new party members, forming additional structures at local level, expanding and preparing for the main political battles - parliamentary and local elections.

Our political objectives and principles are based on the interests of the majority of Moldovan citizens. We understand what concerns people in the first place and we know how to get the main problems solved. Our representation in power, our participation in the leadership of the country will be a new and positive page in the history of our country.

We will have a difficult path to power, but an important one for the fate of the country. Let's walk this road together! Be part of our unique team! Become a builder of a new Moldova, a state of well-being for all!

Who can join us? How you can join us?

Any citizen of the Republic of Moldova who has reached the age of 18, regardless of gender, social status, occupation (except for restrictions determined by law), who shares our principles, goals and objectives, who agrees with the Program and Statute of our Party can join in.

The procedure for joining is very simple: the candidate who wishes to join the party, who is familiar with and agrees with our fundamental documents, submits a standard application to the party's territorial branch. This will be reviewed by the responsible party structure. For your convenience and due to the large number of applicants, we offer the possibility to apply for membership online via our website. Following the decision of party officials and the completion of simple formal procedures, you will become part of our team - a full-fledged member of the "SHOR" Party. Thus, you will not only get a unique opportunity for self-realization, self-improvement and self-development, but you will also join the cause of building a new Moldova, you will become one of the guides of change for the better for every citizen of our country.

Be with us! Don't miss the chance to enter the history of the Republic of Moldova!

We are waiting for you - active young people, eager to see their future in Moldova; successful entrepreneurs and professionals, who form the basis of society's middle class; respected formal and informal local leaders, who are the pillars of stability and development in the province; older people, who have a unique experience of creative work, who once made our country a thriving region! We are confident that, together with you, we will achieve unprecedented successes not only at party level, but also at national level.

Welcome and best of luck!